Enterprise Service Desk is the Nerve-Center for Business IT, which plays a critical role in ensuring reliability, availability and continuity of IT services rather than just logging and resolving end-user issues. Our Service Desk operations are delivered through a consistent set of tools and processes providing efficient and cost effective IT Services to our customers.

Our IT Service Desk and integrated infrastructure and application operations support team acts as one single entity instead of silos. This provides a single handle, in terms of control, to our customers and also leads to significant cost-savings. SANS Solutions has a diverse experience in transitioning customers from different helpdesks to a centralized service desk which also leads to standardization across enterprise operations.

Following are our service components in IT Service Desk:

  • Self Help – An enterprise wide web portal with an enriched and updated back-end of knowledge base of most common issues faced by users that enables users to resolve an incident, create a request, report an incident and review the status of submitted requests etc.
  • First & Second Level Support – Provide support for logging, tracking, resolution and reporting of help desk incidents and service requests. The activities associated with restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible and to minimize the adverse impact on business operations, thus ensuring that the best possible levels of service quality and availability are maintained.
  • Service Request Management – It encompasses all the activities starting from accepting and logging of a service request to request prioritization, request fulfillment and subsequent closure.

SANS Solutions also offers the following services in addition to the core Service Desk services.

  • Executive/VIP Support – These services include providing accelerated response to the executive users within the customer organization. This is offered through providing a dedicated or designated team to provide support to VIPs.
  • Global Account Management Automation – These services include automation of user provisioning/de-provisioning process using workflow and identity management tools.
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