Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a software to track the vehicles’ information like Summary, Mileage, Idle, Ignition, Speed, and Detail reports, etc. VTS is a software that delivers a powerful and highly customizable suite of web-based vehicle management solutions.

A given company can communicate with their vehicle from any device and anytime. To achieve their specification designed this product with GSM Modem (Siemens Model: MC35) to get cost effective. VTS software gives real-time powerful functionality combined with a simple and easy to use dashboard, giving the information need to save money and time right at user’s fingertips.

The VTS provides the functionality like Improve Productivity, Slash Labor Costs, communicate easily with Dispatch from the Field, Time Sheets, Mileage Reports, Prevent Theft, Reduce Fuel Usage, Monitor After-Hours Usage, facilitate more Efficient Scheduling and Routing, Diminish Vehicle Maintenance Costs.