SANS Solutions Cloud Enablement Services help you to create a phased migration plan to support a successful cloud deployment for your organization. Migrating applications to the cloud requires careful consideration so in order to ensure the suitability of cloud for your workloads and your organization, a prudent first step is to implement a proof of concept (PoC) to demonstrate functionality and overall return on investment (ROI). Working closely with key stakeholders we help you to select the most appropriate applications for cloud deployment.


Application functionality in the cloud is not the only consideration, so the SANS Solutions Cloud Readiness Assessment, will also help you develop a business justification for application migration to the cloud through a total cost of ownership (TCO) and ROI Analysis. SANS Solutions consultants will also analyze the security, and infrastructure implications for your cloud deployment.


  • Relevant Specialization:
    • As a Technology Partner, SANS Solutions understands how to deploy Oracle enterprise environments in the cloud including test, dev, backup and disaster recovery
    • With a long history of infrastructure services, SANS Solutions has been working with clients for many years to build, monitor and administer their on-premise or hosted Oracle environments using various approaches and hosting providers to deliver a robust and reliable solution
  • Utilize architecture outputs from Advisory Services to migrate cloud-ready applications and data to cloud environment
  • Remediate and optimize applications for cloud
  • Thoroughly test applications and dependent systems for cloud-readiness